The Security You Want for
All Your Cloud-Native

The Insights and
Control You Need to
Make the Transition to
Cloud-Native Apps

Security that Matches the Durability, Elasticity and Continuity of Your Cloud-Native Deployments

Octarine ensures security is simple to deploy, manage and maintain, across all your environments, from containers and virtual machines to public and private clouds. With Octarine, you have the visibility and policy enforcement you need to quickly and simply ensure appropriate use and scale protections to preserve your security and compliance.

Establishing Zero-Trust for Kubernetes

Operationalize your zero-trust security model to protect all your cloud-native apps, across all your environments. Octarine ensures every service is authenticated and checked against a policy and inspected for malicious activity to ensure only authorized communications are allowed. With Octarine, you can automate and scale enforcement to maintain least privilege and ensure your security is always aligned with current conditions.

Securing Your Istio Clusters

Get enterprise-grade security capabilities for all your containers with Octarine. Visualize your overall topology and policies, quickly adapt rules, and shut down attacks to protect the privacy and integrity of your sensitive and regulated information.

Making Kafka Secure

Octarine ensures you have the visibility and control you need to secure your Kafka deployment. With Octarine, you know exactly what is happening within and among your Kafka clusters and can enforce polices to stop unauthorized activity and data exfiltration.

Need More Info?

Need More Info?