Continuous Kubernetes Security

Protect cloud native applications from pre-development through runtime

How to Secure Your Kubernetes App Lifecycle

Container Scanning is Not Enough.

Kubernetes has blind spots: Security vulnerabilities lay hidden in resource definitions which control workload privileges, network configurations, access to secrets and more.

Getting actionable network activity information is also a challenge. Octarine protects against threats both known and unknown, beginning in development and within network communications at runtime.

If You Run Kubernetes, You Need Runtime Security.

Octarine makes it simple to understand and secure Kubernetes and Layer 7 service communications with speed and scalability.

Detect and Block Threats

Inspect traffic data to identify and block known and unknown threats. Authenticate and authorize all entities and activities and enforce encryption for communications to preserve the security and compliance of your cloud-native apps. Monitor secure deployments of containers, Kubernetes clusters, and service-to-service communications.

Manage App Segmentation at Scale

Easily define what’s acceptable within your dynamic cloud-native environment, with automated, fine-grained policies that address current conditions and business objectives.

Simplify Ongoing Operations

Automate the design, installation, and ongoing operations of applications at runtime, with Octarine’s sidecar model, making it simple to maintain security and compliance without affecting performance or speed. Our user-friendly interface, CLI and APIs seamlessly integrate and scale security across your environment.

Automation for Ease of Use

Octarine automates the design, installation, and ongoing operations of workloads at runtime, making it simple to maintain security and compliance throughout an applications lifecycle.

Octarine’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and secure your cloud-native apps at the network level.

Increase the Value of Your Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Confidently Secure Your Cloud-Native Transition

Mitigate Risks

Achieve a zero-trust security stance, with identity-based policy enforcement for total visibility and control over cloud-native environments. Prevent lateral movement and data breaches, stopping threats and abnormal network activities before they do damage.

Maintain Security and Compliance

Protect the privacy and integrity of sensitive, regulated information as you migrate to cloud-native. Ensure and maintain secure, compliant containers and cloud environments.

Reduce Operational Costs

Simplify your infrastructure, automate the labor intensive tasks associated with security and compliance, and eliminate the risk of cyberattacks.

See the Magic for Yourself

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